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Orthopedic Health Care

About Orthopedic Health Care

About Orthopedic Health Care

Leaf Hospitals cure very well bone and joint related issues. The clutters treated in Leaf Hospitals incorporates muscle, ligament, tendon and nerves wounds. The larger part of patients lean toward for joint substitution, Arthritis and Lower back agony treatment.

The Institute of Orthopedics provides comprehensive care for treatment of arthritis and other painful joint problems, caring for thousands of patients every year with the most advanced
surgical and non-surgical techniques. The institute provides integrated care for different  subspecialties under one roof, which includes:

  • Joint replacement surgery – knee, hip, ankle and shoulder.
  • Arthroscopic surgery and sports injuries – knee, ankle and shoulder.
  • Management of routine and complex trauma (fractures).
  • Spine surgery – spondylosis, slipped disc, spinal tumors and spinal injuries.
  • Pediatrics and foot & ankle surgery.
  • Shoulder, wrist & hand conditions.
  • Arthritis care – osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infective arthritis, traumatic arthritis.

The institute offers the latest techniques in orthopedic surgery. Our surgeons have expertise in joint preserving surgeries such as arthroscopy and osteotomy, as well as hip replacement and total knee

Our medicinal services group is included exceedingly prepared and experienced proficient with minding staff who share our dedication.

Dr.Praneeth Reddy , MS

Is the Best and very good Specialist in Orthopedics Konddapur , Borabanda , Hyderabad.

The best Orthopedics in Hyderabad and book your appointment online in Leaf Hospitals providing specialist consulting, diagnostic & treatment service.