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Laparoscopic Surgery

About Laproscopic Surgery

About Laproscopic Surgery

Insignificantly intrusive (key-opening) laparoscopic surgery is offered all the time. The advisors are proficient at cutting edge systems for hepatobiliary and pancreatic conditions, and additionally for disarranges influencing other stomach viscera. Laparoscopic surgery for gynecological conditions influencing the uterus and ovaries is additionally advertised.

Brilliant theater offices and post-agent mind have brought about one of the most minimal disease rates anyplace. Abbreviated recuperation periods and early activation empower patients to come back to typical exercises at all conceivable time.

Best Laparoscopic Surgery Doctors at Leaf Hospitals in Hyderabad has been recognized for its expertise in providing comprehensive,specialized and personalized care for Women health issues. We work towards providing compassionate, patient centric, high quality care that is both comprehensive and convenient. Our team of highly trained and qualified 

gynecologists, obstetricians and fetal medicine specialists are prepared to address all your health needs right from adolescence to menopause and beyond. We offer a range of maternity, gynecology and other affiliated services.

Dr.Mounika , Gynaecologist
Dr.Sujatha Deva , Gynaecologist
Dr.Alekya Reddy , Gynaecologist
Dr.Sreelakshmi , Gynaecologist

Are the Best and very good doctors in Kondapur / Borabanda , Hyderabad . They not only prescribe medicines as every doctors but also spend time in explaining the condition in a very smart way so that the patients will get the strength to overcome the situations in a very better way.

With expert Laparoscopic surgeons seeks to ensure that women are provided with the highest standards of care at different stages of their lives based on their clinical needs.

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