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About General Medicine

About General Medicine

General Medicine has a group in Leaf Hospitals with uncommon capability and experience to deal with any therapeutic issues and offering the administrations round the check both for in-patients and out-patients.

General physicians are consultants who care for patients with special or difficult problems. General physicians only see patients who are referred to them by other doctors, usually by the patient’s own general practitioner.

The unique combination of knowledge, training and skills distinguishes general physicians from
other medical specialists and general practitioners. Through a rigorous and comprehensive training
program, general physicians are:

  • broadly educated to deal with the entire range of the patient’s medical problems
  • thorough, logical and scientific in their approach to providing expert diagnosis

Dr.V.Sarada MBBS MD
Dr.Naresh MBBS MD

Are the Best and very good specialists in Leaf Hospitals Kondapur / Borabanda , Hyderabad . They not only prescribes medicines like other doctors do and also spends time in explaining full information regarding your problem in a very better way.

Inward solution or general pharmaceutical is the therapeutic forte managing the avoidance, finding, and treatment of grown-up illnesses. Doctors are particularly gifted in the administration of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-framework illness forms. Doctors watch over hospitalized and mobile patients and may assume a noteworthy part in instructing and research.