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LEAF HOSPITALS, founded in 2010 is a private healthcare facility said to be the best multi speciality Hospitals whose mission is to render a high quality, cost effective, International standard healthcare which will meet the needs and expectations of Hyderabad and the surrounding areas through comprehensive primary, secondary and  selected tertiary care service.

Leaf Hospitals provide a compendious services like medical, surgical and diagnostic services in Gynaecology and Pediatrics. Managed by a team of extreme qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. Leaf Hospitals provides compassionate, family centered and quality medical care at affordable costs, adheres to high moral  and ethical standards and is committed to all-round holistic excellence. Egion and one of the best in the city.

Leaf Hospitals meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs within a caring and supportive environment and timely, responsive services. Our objective is to be a pioneer in the field of medical treatment and care driven by patient focus, user friendly services, quality care, specialists’ expertise and cutting-edge technology. As we focus ahead, we remain committed to provide the finest of medical care, while keeping abreast of the latest in medical technology and care.

To be the hospital of choice that is known for high-quality healthcare and clinical excellence, with the most satisfied patients and the best physicians and employees. Through continuous improvement, innovation and investment in our people, technology, and facilities, we seek to enhance our standard of excellence at all levels.

Our mission is to provide healthcare services of the highest quality through the use of new technologies, procedures and care, at affordable cost. By delivering a wide range of services under one roof, we aim to meet patient’s aspirations and exceed their expectations.